I made this dollhouse entirely by hand, over the course of a year, on a "gentleman's farm"  in northeast Ohio.  It was one of many models I constructed, when I started a business called Historic Houses in Miniature during my 20's.  But I'd been fashioning little rooms in cardboard boxes since I was 10.  As I grew older, I refined my model-making to represent specific periods in Amerian architecture.  Spending months among the stacks in libraries, I researched early design, old Pattern Books and carpenter's tools. I took notes, made sketches, compared details. Drawing up Plans, I built smaller versions of those handsome old houses I'd come to admire.  Over the years, I made dollhouses in 1/12 scale of the well known architectural styles:  early Colonial, Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival, and various versions of Victorian. The models were built of 3/8 inch plywood, the woodwork from balsa or fir, the moldings, trim and hardware were fashioned from all sorts of little things "repurposed".   For instance, I used fabric trim, painted with gesso, to create the illusion of carving on a ceiling cornice.  

    I named this dollhouse American Classic, when I finished it in 1976, just in time for the Bicentennial Celebration of the Declaration of Independence.  True to its English heritage, its Georgian architecture is strictly symmetrical with eight rooms arranged around a central hallway which crosses the house from front to back door.   Each of those rooms holds a handsome fireplace, framed in wood paneling and wainscots, whose design I copied from photos of real homes.  On a few of the panels I painted pictures in the naive style of an 18th century artist. For the two staircases I made the ballastrades by hand.  Nothing was pre-fabricated. Unlike some dollhouses, this model has full front and back walls that open on hinges. The house is lighted by bulbs in the fireplaces, and of course those can be hidden with screens and andirons.  With the exterior walls closed, viewing the lit rooms through the windows creates a delightful illusion. 

    Although this model is 40 years old, it is still in perfect condition, having been safely cocooned in crates with thick padding.  It has been on display in history museums and cute antique shops.  But it still hasn't found its true home.  It needs that someone who will give it the love a fine miniature deserves.  Someone who appreciates American history, antiques and architecture.  Someone who will fill it with Windsor chairs, Chippendale highboys, braided rugs and cast iron pots in the kitchen. This dollhouse is hoping for someone who sees its true beauty as a classic Georgian Colonial, representative of early America, just before she became a new nation.  

    This dollhouse deserves to be treasured by a lucky collector.  

    My Georgian Colonial Dollhouse is for sale at a reduced price of $8,000.  Buyer pays the cost of shipping, but I will help to arrange it.  The dollhouse is already safely packed up for travel on an air-ride truck.   For more information, please send me an email:     Or call 805 450 1149.